+++ Registration is now open! +++ 

Please note that all participants need to register for the conference and pay two fees separately, the conference fee and the ISMRC membership fee.

Registration is closed. If you have questions, please contact

To pay the ISMRC membership fee, click here.


How do I register for the conference?

Registration is open from 27.03.23 to 15.06.23. Please note that only registered colleagues can participate.

Can I take part even if I did not submit a paper? Or if my paper got rejected?

Sure! Anyone who registers and pays the conference fee is welcome to join us!

How much is the conference fee?

That would be 275 Euros.

What is included in the conference fee?

We use the conference fee to finance the rent for the conference venue, the catering provided during the conference hours, the costs for the bus trips, the tickets for public transport, and the merchandise (water bottles etc.). The conference fee will cover most of the costs – the rest will be covered by CERES as the host institution.

What if I do not want to take part in the bus trips? Or don’t need a ticket for public transport? Etc. Do I have to pay less?

Unfortunately, to make the organization of the conference feasible for us, all participants will have to pay the full conference fee. Thanks for understanding.

What about discounts for Early Career Researchers?

We are aware that funding can be a problem especially for younger colleagues, but the actual costs of the conference force us to make no exceptions regarding the conference fee. Early Career Researchers are invited to take part in the doctoral Pre-Conference though, which allows participation via Zoom at no charge. See here for more information.

Why do I have to pay an additional 100 Dollars to ISMRC?

There is the conference fee on the one hand, which is explained above, and the ISMRC membership fee on the other. Please note that you have to pay both to be able to participate in the conference.

Why can’t I pay both together?

For complex reasons having to do with the university, as a public institution, being subject to special financial regulation. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Why can’t I pay the conference fee via PayPal?

Same thing. Financial regulations can force universities to be rather inflexible in this regard. Unfortunately, thus, you can only pay via Master Card, Visa Card, or invoice. Very sorry.

But I don’t have a Master or Visa Card!

There is really nothing we can do. Believe us – we tried. We are aware that this may cause inconveniences on your end, but do hope you will find individual solutions.

What if I pay the fee but then cannot come to the conference, e.g., due to an illness?

You can cancel your registration until 15.06.23, so only while the registration process is open. Of course, if you cancelled until that time, you will get your conference fee back in full. Please understand that for cancellations at a later point, refunds will not be possible.

I have a dietary restriction – who should I notify about this?

Feel free to send an e-mail to our event manager:

Can I take part in the conference via Zoom?

ISMRC '23 is a Face-to-Face conference. We are glad that this is possible again after the cancellation of the event planned for 2020 and the online-only event in 2021. We do believe that, despite all advantages video conferencing is bringing to academia, meeting in person is paramount to move research collaboration forward. However, a small number of talks and panels will be broadcasted during the event. Check the program website for more information.